Monday, March 12, 2012

@ 13 months...

-I'm starting to laugh more often and I'm ticklish now. That little piggie that goes "wee wee wee" all the way home gets me every time!
-I finally have a tooth! You can only see the very tippy top of the tooth, so it looks like two little bumps peeking through right now. It feels very strange. I try to feel around my mouth with my hands and tongue, which usually results in a large amount of drool (
-Mommy started brushing my 'teeth' but I don't hate it as much as I thought I would. She says I had 'puppy breath' in the morning
-Remember when I went through my shrieking phase? Well it's back! Except now it's not so high pitched, so it's more like a screaming phase
-I'm an expert book page turner. Sometimes I look at the pictures and listen to the words, but sometimes I just want to see how fast I can turn the pages! (
-I'm working on feeding myself. I'm an excellent Puff and yogurt drop eater, but slippery foods are still tough. Mommy makes me practice with banana, pasta, and steamed veggies, so I'm getting better
-Mommy is also making me work on getting used to texture in my food. At first, I would complain the whole time, and my ramblings often sounded like, "bad!" or "Mom!" Really, I was just trying to get whatever new texture Mommy decided to have me try out of my mouth! Now, I can pretty much handle anything that's soft, and can mush with my gums and itty bitty tooth! I don't like when she tries to feed new things to me, but will happily pick them up and put them in my own mouth. Mommy told me when she was little, she used to grab the spoon and say, "I do it my (s)elf!" I'll have to store that saying away for when my body finally let's me use words
-I am making peace with green veggies. Little did I know, Mommy was hiding them in my applesauce or pears! She's been slowly adding more green to them and now I'm eating plain green veggies and I didn't even realize it! How sneaky of her
-My entire body shudders when I try new tastes, textures, or temperatures, like cold cottage cheese or yogurt. Chicken was an interesting texture experience as well
-New non-toy favorite: Mommy's wallet, especially that little tag she uses to open it up. One time, I tried to keep it to myself, so I threw it out of my carseat and into the back seat of the car hoping she wouldn't realize it was gone. She wasn't too happy with me when we had to leave the store in a panic to check to make sure she hadn't lost it. I haven't seen that wallet since...
-I've been practicing so much, and now I can finally pull myself up on to things. At first, I had to practice on the ottoman (it's lid comes off so there is a nice lip to grab onto), because it was short enough for me to reach! I could stand on the edge of the sofa if someone put me there, but there is no way that I can grab up that far by myself. I also practice pulling up onto drawers in my room, since they are 'select-a-height.' Mommy has to keep a very close eye on me now, because even though I can pull up, it doesn't mean that I am sturdy once I'm there or can get down on my own. She has found me stuck standing on the basket that holds Wrigley's toys more than once! (
-I can stand holding on to something for a long time! I like to stand so much that a lot of the time I just lean against something and play with a toy with both hands. Mommy is trying to teach me to bend to sit when I want to get down, but I like to reach around my back and look for Mommy's hands. I know she's there and it's just easier for her to help me. Sometimes, I will even let go with both hands and turn, hoping that she will catch me. I don't think she likes that game
-Daddy and Mommy are also good for climbing. Mommy calls me "The Incredible Climbing Baby." If she is sitting on the floor, then I see it as my job to practice climbing all over her. Shirts and pants are great for grabbing on to to help you pull up
-Just recently, I've also started cruising! Again, mostly on drawers and sometimes the sofa. A doggie toy is always good motivation! (
-When Wrigley starts barking at the door, I know that means Daddy is home! I start to crawl toward the door with a big smile on my face before Daddy even opens the door! Then when I see him, I make all sorts of happy noises!
-I love hanging out under the dining room table. And if Mommy or Daddy forgets to pick up the doggie dish, that's usually what I'm playing with under there! Sometimes, the doggie dish has water in it, so when I grab it, the entire thing dumps on me! I'm going to really have to work harder to remember that, because it keeps happening! ( One time, the doggie dish had food in it! Mommy is teaching me to pick up food and put it in my mouth, so I tried some. She fished two pieces out of my mouth! I had my grabby little hands clenched tight with more though! She had to wrestle me in the sink to get the food out of my hands. She said something about 'monitoring' the doggy dish when Wrigley is eating
-Mommy lets me help her fold the laundry now. I'm in charge of socks and washcloths! I sit in her lap and eat them match them and fold them neatly
-I'm still trying to convince Wrigley that we are best friends. I try to pet him, but somehow always end up grabbing his fur! He's also the perfect height for me to try to pull up on to. He does not like when I try to do that. I think it's funny when he eats, and will often laugh at him while he's eating. And it kills me when he runs back and forth really fast or plays with his ball
-I can shake my head 'no.' My entire body wiggles when I shake my head though! Sometimes I shake my head when I don't want any more food, but most of the time I do it randomly just to practice
-My first bubble bath was delightful! Of course, I tried to eat the bubbles. When they didn't taste good, I tried to throw the bubbles. Too hard to pick up. So I just ended up splashing them around. When they were all gone, I moved on to trying to eat other bath items, like the washcloth
-I'm still wearing some shirts labeled "three months"
-My bald spot is completely gone, but I'm not exactly sure when that happened!
-I'm all about blowing some raspberries with my lips and tongue. My favorite place to practice is waiting in line at a store because I get the best reaction there
-It's getting warmer, so I'm taking walks with Mommy and Wrigley. I love being outside and still like the breeze on my face
-The refrigerator looks like a magical place. When it opens, I race toward it, but the door closes every time I get close, so I haven't gotten a good look inside yet
-I have a new "fake cry." Mommy says it sounds like a cross between a cry and a cough, and I usually use it when she is just taking too long with my bottle. She's on to me though, so it's not really working to my advantage anymore. I also think it doesn't help that I stop and check to make sure that she's still making that bottle, and then go back to crying again
-I've been throwing mini temper tantrums too, since the fake cry doesn't work all of the time. But these are reserved for when I'm not allowed to roll completely over during a diaper change, or when Mommy shuts the door so I can't get to Wrigley's water dish!
-Synagis shot #4 on 2/29/12: 16 pounds, 9 ounces
-I'm practicing with a sippy cup. I'd probably do better if it were full of something other than watered down no-sugar-added apple juice. Bleh!
-Sometimes I suck my thumb
-My crib mattress was lowered by one notch, which put the railing just out of my reach, so that I can't pull myself up. When Mommy and Daddy pulled the crib forward, we hit the pacifier jackpot - I had thrown three pacifiers back there!
-I'm starting to experiment with the idea of crawling on my hands and knees. I can get into that position by myself now, and when I'm put down like that, I usually try to move my legs and arms twice, before I flop down on my belly. I'm so much faster when I combat crawl, and really fast when someone holds my hands and I walk!
-I also refuse to bend in half when someone puts me down. I arch my back and pull up with my hands. I want to stand! And walk!
-I have managed to say a few "m" and "d" sounds, but still no "mama" or "dada." I do, however, make an excellent gurgling sound in the back of my throat all the time!

Really good at pulling up on everything!

Starting to cruise

I don't know why Mommy complains about doing the laundry. It's so fun!

I'm getting better at feeding myself!

I do not like things that are cold!

Whoops! How did that yogurt get in my hair?!

Wonder if this tastes good...?

MY FIRST TOOTH! Look closely!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March for Babies!

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