Friday, June 15, 2012

One year home!

Mommy decided to climb up into the attic and retrieve the onesie that I wore home from the hospital. It barely fit over my head, and definitely would not snap at the bottom. It's hard to imagine that I ever fit into it! And even crazier to think at one point it was too big

I think I might have her cut off the sleeves and wear it as a 'muscle shirt' this summer! 

My favorite part of the day was celebrating with a real cupcake!! Mommy and Daddy let me eat the entire thing by myself since I didn't get real cake on my first birthday. I tentatively put one finger in the frosting and had a small taste. From there the tastes just got bigger and bigger until I was taking handfuls of cake and then the entire thing was gone. I made sure to get every last bit and then cried when it was over! About five minutes later, I started screaming and laughing hysterically. You could say I had a bit of a sugar rush!
Here's a video: 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

@ 16 months (one year 'adjusted')

-I'm hilarious! My sense of humor is budding and I'm starting to do things over and over when I get a laugh out of someone. Also, when other people laugh I know I'm supposed to laugh too (often I don't even know what's going on!), so I force out what Mommy calls my fake laugh - "uh-ha-uh-ha-ha!" Then everyone laughs at me, so then I laugh for real!
-Still not a fan of walking. Mommy continues to try to help me practice by holding only one of my hands. I'm perfectly capable of walking like this, but often go limp and collapse to the floor if I'm not in the mood. I'm so fast while crawling or cruising that there is little motivation to walk! When I am only holding one hand, I cautiously take one step and then the other and hold my free hand up in a fist to help with balance. When I walk holding two hands, I go really fast, have a huge smile on my face, and and scream "Ahhh!" the whole time. Which one would you prefer???
-I have started to let go with both hands and then lower myself to the floor
-I still like the music in commercials and will stop everything to turn and watch as long as the jingle is playing. So Mommy signed us up for a Mommy & Me music class! Which I love! I love it so much that I will stand on my own only in music class. I think it's partly because I am so distracted by everything that is going on that I forget I am scared of standing without support. I get to listen to singing and instruments. And I can touch the keyboard when it's my turn. And shake things and bang things to make my own music. And I learn colors and animals while I'm at it!
-I also like to sing "doo doo doo doo" while I play. And Mommy and I play singing games when I try to copy what she sings ("ah ah ah AH ah ah")
-I'll sit for an entire music CD and stare out the window. Music puts me in a daze! I've even used the remote to turn on the music - twice!
-I say "oooOOOoooh" when I see something new or interesting
-I accidentally threw a toy down the sewer while we taking a walk one day
-If my pants fit in the waist then they are way too short. But if they fit in the length, then they usually fall off since I'm lacking in the heiney department. I am very thankful that it is now 'shorts season' and I don't have to worry about the hem of my pants for a few months!
-Just as my books don't belong on the shelf, neither does the dish towel belong hanging on the oven door. Mommy hangs it up. I pull it down. Laugh. Repeat.
-I have figured out how to stand on my tippy toes to reach something, like the plants that are called "Nononono!" I like when Mommy labels things around the house so I can learn, but I'm finding a lot of things are called "Nononono!"
-About 2% of the time, I help Mommy dress me. I can push my arms through the sleeves and lift my legs up one at a time (both while standing and laying down) to help put my pants on. The rest of the time, I am undressing myself, making it insanely difficult to dress me, or crawling away from Mommy half naked
-I can finally get myself into a sitting position but I find no use for sitting. I've always preferred standing, so as soon as I find myself sitting, I'm either on the move again or pulling myself up onto something so I can cruise around. If I am going to sit, it's on my knees so I can more easily transition to crawling. I hardly ever sit still these day unless I'm reading my books. Even then, I usually drag them (and larger toys) up on to the sofa to play with
-Mommy passed her 'nose scrunch' along to me. It happens most when the sun is too bright, but sometimes when I'm smiling
-I follow Mommy when she says, "C'mon!"
-The fuzz between my toes never seems to go away, even with regular bathing!
-Grabbing the white curtains next to my highchair with lasagna covered hands is not allowed
-Eating is going well. I'm more interested in actually eating now instead of just playing with the food. I can eat pretty much anything unless it's crunchy. I've started to practice with crackers, but still have a long way to go: I also tend to swallow some foods whole, like macaroni noodles. Sweet things are still my favorite, but I will eat try and then spit out pretty much anything that's put on my tray. I even eat entire beans now, skins and all, and like them! But if there is cheese on my tray, I will pick all of that out and eat it first! And I refuse to eat any other foods if I see a banana or yogurt sitting on the table!
-I still have a mean gag reflex, but have learned to drink while I still have food in my mouth! Impressive for a guy who couldn't have a tiny piece of Puff on his tongue without gagging!
-I take my bib off when I'm done eating
-I've had teeny tiny tastes of peanut butter and can't wait until I'm allowed to have more
-I may or may not have scooped all of my food into my lap and tossed the rest on the floor this one time when I didn't like what Mommy had given me
-I'm practicing more with using a spoon. Yogurt is tricky and likes to slide off of the spoon, so I just end up grabbing it out of the bowl with my fingers. And I use the wrong end of the spoon most of the time anyhow. Maybe I'm not ready yet
-I hate to admit it, but this one time I snuck a piece of dog food into my mouth without Mommy noticing and managed to chew most of it up before she realized it, and then cried when she took it away!
-Mommy doesn't like it when I pinch her neck or the back of her arms. It's not a mean pinch, just a gentle pinch because it feels funny
-When not in motion, I can sit and play for a few moments. Recently, it goes something like this: Put things in container. Take things out of container. Put things back in container. Dump container. Leave toys all over floor. Repeat with different toys.
-I also like to bang on things. I alternate my hands so it sounds like drumming. And then I usually shriek with delight that I can make noise
-Mommy thinks my baby tantrums are funny. I am not amused when she chuckles at me when I am obviously distraught over some highly important (OK, probably very trivial) happening, like not being able to have her keys. I squeeze my eyes shut, scrunch my nose, and throw my head back, but no response. So I've learned to stick my bottom lip out and pout in an attempt to wear Mommy down with all of the cuteness!
-Tooth number five has made its appearance. Lower left just next to the center ones. I'm still hoping my top center teeth fill in the humongous gap between my fangs sometime soon
-You can often find my hands behind my head while riding in the stroller or carseat
-All done with bottles and breastfeeding! Mommy did a good job with slowly stopping them so I didn't even realize they were gone. It didn't hurt that I'm a huge fan of 'big boy' food either!
-I'm also almost done with pacifiers. Mommy won't let me take them out of my crib (except on car trips and when I'm not feeling well), and I have to take it out of my own mouth and put it in her hand before she picks me up out of the crib. Sometimes, I just need a few more seconds so right before I drop it, I quickly put it back in my mouth! I also usually have the backup pacis in my other hand, but Mommy is really good and making sure I'm not smuggling them out of the crib
-My speaking skills are starting to catch up to my typing skills! Alright, so that's a bit of a stretch, but I do have quite a few new words. My full list is: dada, mama (it's mainly an automatic response that flies out of my mouth when I'm hurt or hungry! Mommy says it's my 'distress call,'), bubble (I even recognize the bubble container!), more, book (both a label and a request), banana, and ball. I'm really close to using the following but usually need someone to say it and then I repeat it: uh oh, bye bye, poop, no. I can usually copy the inflection and syllables of most other words/phrases, but not the correct sounds. I said, "Mama bubble." once, but Mommy's not quite ready to count that as my first sentence!
-I have lot of "n"s in my babbling now. And I babble ALL of the time!
-I can blow raspberries on my arm and other people's arms!
-I get to go to the library every week and pick out ten board books to take home with me. So far, I haven't destroyed any. Slight damage, maybe. But not destroyed. 
-Mommy bought me a new container for my snacks that is supposed to be spill proof. You put your hand through the floppy things on the top and pull out a single Puff then eat it. However. However! I can't figure out how to get my thumb in at the same time as the rest of my fingers, so I have to curl my fingers around the snacks and press them against the side of the cup and then quickly pull my hand out flinging Puffs all over the floor. Then it's my job to eat as many as I can before Wrigley does. The other option is to put only my thumb inside the cup to hold down one of the flaps and then shake the entire container so the snacks fall out. Then eat as many as I can before Wrigley does. This cup must have been invented by dogs! In an attempt to help me survive the last 20 minutes of a three hour car ride, Mommy handed me said cup. Needless to say, our entire parking spot was covered with Puffs when she finally pulled me out of the car. Its even rained a few times, but you can still see remnants of Puffs stuck to the pavement
-I'm very close to being able to give kisses and blow kisses. I can smack my lips and make a fishy face complete with sound effects!
-I had my first haircut! It wasn't too bad. Mommy and I both wore capes and I sat on her lap. She had to hold my head still because I didn't know what that sound was that I kept hearing behind my head and near my ears and would turn my head. I was allowed to hold a few different combs and have my pacifier too! Mommy said the haircut aged me at least four years and now I look like a little boy instead of a baby!
-For my one year adjusted birthday, I got a water table that I can stand at and play. It usually stays inside and is filled with toys since I love to stand and play anyhow!
-I went to the pool for the first time! Loved it! I spent most of the time standing on the second step and holding on to the edge of the pool. My hat lasted about two seconds before it got ripped it off of my head and dunked in the water. Then I played with a wet hat for the rest of the time! Of course, I spent some time splashing. And Mommy and Daddy took turns pulling me around the water by my arms while I practiced kicking my legs. It was almost like walking in the water. I didn't go in the water past my shoulders, but I definitely splashed myself accidentally a few times
-Non-toys are still fascinating and I'm particular to my pajamas (which I pull along behind me from room to room like a blanket), plastic bags (supervised, of course!), and Wrigley's leash (also while supervised!). With all three things, I stretch them out over my head and then rub them back to front over my hair. Why? Who knows!
-Mommy took me to three different play gyms near our house for free introductory classes to see if I liked one. I ended up liking the first place the best and now I get to go twice each week, once for class, and once for practice. I've practiced doing forward rolls, walking on a balance beam, hanging by bars and rings, climbing over obstacles, crawling through tunnels, and more! The first time I practiced pull-ups with the teacher, I asked for "more!" Daddy was so proud! I love the group time when the music is played loud and we walk around in a circle. I usually scream the whole time (Are you noticing a trend??). I'm surprisingly good at sitting still in Mommy's lap during the circle times at the beginning and end of the classes though. I'm also surprisingly social for being quarantined to the house during the winter. I like to crawl over to other people's laps and put my hand up on their knee and give them a big smile. Mommy says she thinks I'll have no problem making friends at daycare in the fall!
-I rode in a shopping cart! I usually ride in my stroller and Mommy puts all of the groceries underneath in the basket, so I am used to facing forward. I tried to turn around while sitting in the cart and ended up putting one leg up in the basket with me and riding side-saddle the entire time
-When I'm feeling especially odd, I'll randomly headbutt Mommy or Daddy
-I can't resist it when someone smiles at me. I can be across the room and see Mommy or Daddy smile and I give them a huge smile, a quick shriek, and then crawl over to give them a hug as fast as I can!
-I've been to the beach a few more times. I ate some Goldfish that had fallen in the sand. Not too bad. Better than peas!
Soon, I'll be barking

Me? Silly? Never!

I like to read several books at the same time

Reading to Wrigley

Sharing a snack with Wrigs

First haircut!

My first look at myself afterwards!

First time in the pool


"Eating" crackers

Look who's coming!!!

Beach! Water! Sand! AHH!

Attempting the spoon

Sigh. Handing over my paci so I'm allowed out of here


Sitting and playing
First time in a shopping cart!
Me @ 1 year adjusted age