Thursday, January 19, 2012

@ 11 months

-My obsession with cups continues to grow. Tags fascinate me as well. Mommy got me a blanket made out of 19 fake tags, and one real tag. Can you guess which one I like?
-I can sit up for quite awhile unsupported now. It turns out I just wanted to go straight from laying to sitting while playing with toys. I was trying to skip right over the whole sitting with support stage. Who wants to just sit?? My hands need to be putting toys in my mouth, not holding me in a sitting position! Someone still has to stay close to me though. My brain thinks I can lean forward to grab a toy, or turn and look behind me without falling over, but my body says otherwise! I've faceplanted into the rug more times than I'd like to admit!
-Thank goodness I'm a good typist, because learning to speak is difficult. I try to have conversations with Mommy, but everything comes out, "ba ba ba!" Also, "ng-ga," "ah," "gee," "ha," "puh puh," and "ah-boo" make appearances from time to time
-I hold my hands together with my fingers interlaced while I sleep. I still have a lot of prayers to say!
-Starting solids has made other things turn solid, if you know what I mean. Pushing takes a lot out of a guy! One day after I was finished doing my business, I had to put my head down on the floor face down and take a breather
-I'll let you use your imagination to figure out the story of the Surprise Turd. Let's just say Mommy's bare hands were involved and she did not think it was as hilarious as I did!
-I'd rather sit or stand all of the time. Laying down is for babies
-I tasted a bit of banana. It was slimy
-I've finally grown into 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers!
-My tiger toy doesn't interest me quite as much anymore. I prefer my bead ring toy these days
-Mommy laughs at me when I get excited because I do this heavy breathing thing
-With some help, I can stand while holding onto the edge of the sofa or ottoman
-I can get Mommy to come back in the room by fussing and also get people's attention by making noises!
-I've learned how to bang on the buttons on my mobile to change the music
-My excessive drool has caused a pesky rash around my mouth that won't go away
-Mommy says, "Books are for reading, not eating."
-My feet get stinky!
-No teeth yet, but that doesn't stop Mommy from sticking her fingers in my mouth everyday!
-I think whistling is the funniest thing ever, so I'm trying to do it too. I make my mouth into a little "O" and blow air out of it. Not quite there yet
-My laugh has finally progressed from "huh huh" to a chuckle. It's rare, but it happens...and then I get the hiccups. Everytime.
-I will reach for someone to hold me or pick me up
-My initial attempts at crawling were: 1. Lift my head, arms, and legs and move by 'swimming," and 2. Pull my legs up underneath my body, and hit my head on the floor. Neither of these worked very well, so I'm experimenting with using my hands and arms to pull my body forward
-I had my second RSV shot. No one warned me that I was going to get a shot in each leg this time! And I thought weighing 15 pounds would be exciting
-I've added a new cry to my repertoire. It's a mix between whining and whimpering and can mean a variety of things: "Make my bottle faster" "I can't reach my toy," "I'm alone in this room," "I want to do something different," "Get me out of this highchair/carseat this very instant." It's effectiveness increases as the pitch and intensity increase. It's a very versatile cry
-Daddy is my own personal jungle gym

Just a little sip

Stop taking pictures!

Look! No hands!

Oops! Busted!

Still no teeth in there

You mean next time I post, I'll be a year old!?!?


  1. OH, Shay, you are just the funniest little boy. I love reading about all your escapades. I also love the pictures and you're very good at matching captions to them. It's wonderful that you are reaching all these milestones. The sweetest one for me is you saying your prayers. I've said a lot of them for you, so maybe you could mention my name a few times, too. Give my love to your mommy and daddy.

    1. oh my goodness! he is the cutest thing ever! i can't WAIT to meet him in person! :)