Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Mommy...

Dear Shay,
What a difference a year makes. One year ago, I was lying in a hospital bed with doctors telling me that you had a 65% chance of surviving. Today, we lit a birthday candle on a very tiny cupcake to celebrate 365 days of life! Those same doctors told me a lot of things that you wouldn’t be able to do, and over the last year you have proved them wrong. You are such a strong, resilient boy! You love to explore and learn and listen and play. There aren’t enough words in all of the languages in the world to tell you just how special you are. And there aren’t enough stars in the whole wide universe to match the sparkle you have in your eyes. And there aren’t enough seconds in the day to hug and kiss you enough. This time last year, I was too busy worrying about whether or not you were breathing to notice that I didn’t even get to touch you on the day you were born.  So today, I won’t let you go! I will sing you “Happy Birthday” all day long, because this year there is nothing sad about this day. But I will still cry, because I am so happy that we have made it here together!
I love you!
p.s. I’m sorry to hack your account, but I know you are bashful and would never brag about how awesome you are, so I had to do it for you!


  1. Happy birthday, Shay! I hope you made a big mess with your cupcake, or did you share it with mommy and daddy?

  2. Oh my goodness! This brought me to tears!! Love him! Happy Birthday, Shay!

  3. Carrie, Thank you for sharing this blog with Katrina and I. I can't wait to show her the pictures. I had to take a look before showing her because I couldn't wait. :) This brought tears to my eyes. How sweet and wonderful. He looks incredibly happy which is just the way I would picture your little boy.