Friday, April 13, 2012

NICU followup clinic visit #2

-I visited the clinic on March 29th and I can't believe I forgot to mention it in my 14 month post!
-My weight was 17 pounds, 2 ounces (3rd percentile), my height was 27.75 inches (25th percentile - woo hoo!), and my head circumference was 18.5 inches (75th percentile!).
-I had to do all sorts of strange things like try to put my finger in a small hole in a board, hit two toys together, and pick up a tic-tac, but not eat it!
-Developmentally, I am still right on track. My gross motor skills are at an 11 month old level, my fine motor/visual problem solving skills are at a 10 month old level, my receptive language skills are at a 10 month old level, and my expressive language skills are at a 9 month old level. I received lower marks in the expressive language skills area because I wasn't yet saying "mama" and "dada" appropriately. Mommy disagreed with their assessment saying that I should be saying those sounds, but don't necessarily have to use them correctly until I'm a year old. Besides, I started doing it the very next week! Keep in mind that my adjusted age was ten months even though I was actually 13.75 months old
-The best part of the appointment was when Mommy got a printout of the ultrasound results from February and it said this:

Mommy and Daddy are still a little skeptical that my brain damage appears to have just vanished. The doctors were just looking at whether or not there might be excess fluid in my brain, not whether the PVL was still there, but the NICU followup doctor read through the report with Mommy and pointed out where a sentence about PVL would be if they had seen anything. Then he said, "We've never seen anything like this before!" Too bad I can't speak or I would have shouted, "Well then you've just witnessed a miracle!!!"

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