Friday, June 15, 2012

One year home!

Mommy decided to climb up into the attic and retrieve the onesie that I wore home from the hospital. It barely fit over my head, and definitely would not snap at the bottom. It's hard to imagine that I ever fit into it! And even crazier to think at one point it was too big

I think I might have her cut off the sleeves and wear it as a 'muscle shirt' this summer! 

My favorite part of the day was celebrating with a real cupcake!! Mommy and Daddy let me eat the entire thing by myself since I didn't get real cake on my first birthday. I tentatively put one finger in the frosting and had a small taste. From there the tastes just got bigger and bigger until I was taking handfuls of cake and then the entire thing was gone. I made sure to get every last bit and then cried when it was over! About five minutes later, I started screaming and laughing hysterically. You could say I had a bit of a sugar rush!
Here's a video: 



  1. Oh my! I DIED laughing with that onesie. You are too funny! Then I watched teh video.. he's so stinkin' cute! I can't get over how much of a big boy he is with that hair cut. But I have to say, I was disappointed that you didn't get the laughing hysterical and crying on the clip. :)

  2. Me too :( But I wanted to get some pictures.

  3. Well, Cory wrote everything I was going to say. Even the part about missing the laughing/crying. hehehe I loved his smile after the first taste of sugary icing.