Monday, July 9, 2012


At first, Mommy helped me practice by having me stand and hold on to either the couch or ottoman. At that point, I couldn't stand on my own yet. It took a few weeks before I let go and took steps without holding onto Mommy's finger first. I was just learning the motions and building my confidence. Eventually, I knew she was going to catch me if I let go with both hands, so I started launching myself at her. Sometimes taking steps and sometimes just propelling myself in her direction!

Eventually, I let go with both hands and took two or three steps before falling. But I still wasn't standing on my own.  I was very graceful!

One night, I was practicing with Mommy and Daddy and holding my vitamin drops bottle. I didn't realize for a long time that I was standing on my own! Mommy kept saying I was doing a great job and I didn't know why. I turned to her and smiled, then took a few steps toward her.

She stood me up again, but this time I walked to Daddy!

We kept practicing all night and I got better and better!

The next day, I took even more steps!

And then didn't need my vitamin drop bottle anymore!

Watch out Wrigley! Here I come!
Here's a video of my evolution of walking:

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