Monday, August 20, 2012

'Mother of the Year' moment

Mommy and I went to Walmart today to pick up groceries and a few other things. Even though I don't like watermelon, she decided to get one anyhow. She put it underneath the cart because there wasn't enough room up top. When we left and went down the small incline to get into the parking lot, Mommy pushed the cart one way which sent the watermelon the other and rolling across the parking lot! She had to leave me sitting in the cart alone while she chased it down.

Did I mention that four cars were waiting for her to retrieve the watermelon and get out of the main intersection in front of Walmart?

And that it was pouring down rain?

I'm so sorry that I don't have pictures.

But I was all:

"I don't know that woman."

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  1. hahaha - Oh, no, Carrie. That is so funny. Well, maybe not for you but for anyone who reads this and then sees Shay's face.