Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Program

-My teachers told Mommy that all of the kids danced when we were practicing in the room, but that I was the only one that would "shake his booty" when we practiced on the big stage!
-Mommy got to see me practice twice since our practice times were when she usually picks me up
-The night of the show, I got to wear my pajamas to school and Mommy dropped me off in my room. All of the toddler parents sat in the same section so that they could come 'collect' us after we sang and take us home for night night if they wanted. Grandma and Grandpa sat in another section and at the last minute Mommy moved to sit with them since they had better seats. Each time Mommy saw us practice, we stood on the left side of the stage, so she thought she could get a better view. For some reason, we ended up on the right side of the stage and none of my family got to see me dance! They had the cameras showing us on the big screen, but I wasn't on it very much. Mommy didn't get any video or any pictures. She even bought the video of the program, but I am hiding behind someone when the camera pans by me he first time and then when it pans the line of toddlers again, it stops right before where I was standing! For some reason, I wasn't meant to be seen this time!!!
-I wore jingle bells around my waist and got to hang them on the Christmas tree when I got home

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