Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seven months & NICU follow up visit

-I have a fairly consistent schedule during the day. I'm more of a catnap person, than a long napper though. I sleep a little bit between every feed still
-I'm starting to reach for things, and when I make contact, it goes right in my mouth!
-I smile at my tiger toy, and "talk" to only my Stinky Face book
-Sitting up is tough, so for now I'm just practicing "mini situps" when I'm reclined
-Not a fan of peek-a-boo yet
-I learned how to squeal! How fun!
-Mommy was taking pictures of me after a bath one night, and I peed all over the bed. Whoops!
-I can roll from front to back (being angry helps!), and I'm trying to go the other way too
-My bedtime routine (bath, eat, swaddle, rock) works like a charm!
-Always trying to get my clothes in my mouth. Its easiest when everything is unbuttoned for a diaper change!
-If I'm eating and Mommy has to switch to another bottle, I have this really pathetic whimper that gets her to hurry up
-The cold weather has forced me out of onsies and into "real" clothes, like jeans and hoodies. We were unprepared for the chilly weather and went on a wild goose chase for pants that fit me! I'm still newborn-sized on the bottom!
-Mommy discontinued the swaddle blanket. Apparently I was grunting for hours each night trying to get out of it! Now I get to wear "feet in" pajamas!
-I stick my tongue out a lot and smile ALL the time!

Watching my first football game!

First time at the beach

LOVE that tiger toy!

-My NICU follow up visit was on 9/29/11. I weighed 12 pounds, 4 ounces and was 24.5 inches long. My head is now in the 75th percentile!! Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and language skills are ALL developmentally appropriate for my adjusted age of about four months!

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  1. YAY - glad to hear from you, Shay. You've got to plan time for blogging in your day of eating, chewing on clothes, and cat napping. I love hearing how you're doing. I'm glad you like watching football games. I do, too. I love those pjs with feet. I still had a pair when I went to college. Yes, really. Then I think I had a pair since I've been married to Bruce, too. I have REALLY cold feet. Keep me up to date, okay?