Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sixth month happenings...

A little late...ok a lot late!

-I discovered my hands. Fascinating!
-My conversations with the ceiling fan are long and LOUD
-I survived clogged tear ducts. Yuck!
-Mommy can't hold me facing in anymore. Facing out is so much more interesting
-I love to lay in the guest bed in the morning and "tell" Mommy all about my dreams
-Grandmommy and I had my first speakerphone conversation
-My favorite sound to make sounds like a trumpet and I repeat it when Mommy or Daddy does it!
-Mommy's eye doctor said I was too little for an eye exam when I went with her to her appointment. Ha! I'm a professional!
-I have witnessed an earthquake and a hurricane
-Mommy has to turn me around so I don't watch TV...but I can see the reflection in the cabinet and the fireplace. Shh! Don't tell her my secret!
-I had my first cold
-When I want to be picked up, I start babbling really loud and sometimes a "ma!" comes out accidentally. Mommy picks me up right away...I'll have to figure out how to say it on purpose...
-I have to have a full body stretch in the morning when I'm unswaddled
-Finally went to the BEACH!
-Starting to drool quite a bit
-I'm trying to sit up
-I started sleeping through the night!

1 comment:

  1. Shay, I love Goodnight, Moon, too. What are you telling your doggy? I bet the two of you share a lot of secrets. When you start eating real food, you can give him/her what you don't like. I won't
    tell anybody.