Wednesday, December 21, 2011

@ 10 months...

-Started solid foods! I don't really mind the taste of anything so far. Mommy and Daddy set up the camera hoping for a funny face with my first taste. Nope. The only thing that bothers me is the texture, so I still need my mush to be very, well...mushed! The thicker the food, the funnier the faces, until it's too thick...then I gag and throw it all up
-I like to play a game called "Make Changing my Diaper as Difficult as Possible." So far, my favorite moves are: push up with my legs so Mommy accidentally pulls the diaper out from under me, hold on to both of Daddy's hands and fingers as tight as possible, hold my own feet, and roll over and try to reach the lightswitch!
-When Mommy unhooks the straps on my carseat, I try to help her by leaning forward
-Rolled from my back to my stomach!!! This has taken me! I was always so close, but would roll back at the very last second. Then one day something clicked and I just kept doing it over, and over, and over. I couldn't turn it off and kept rolling over in my sleep that first night too! Mommy and Daddy decided that I needed more room, so I get to sleep in my big boy crib now! Also, they can't keep me on my back at night anymore so I get to sleep on my tummy - finally! I often find myself with my head in the corner though...
-For a few days after I learned to roll back to front, I forgot how to roll from front to back! I immediately rolled onto my stomach when I was put down, did a little happy dance, and then panicked because I was stuck that way! Eventually, I figured it all out, and now sometimes I can make it halfway to the front door before Mommy gets back from the potty!
-I'm intrigued with Mommy and Daddy's faces and like to grab their noses and lips. Poor Mommy gets smacked in the face repeatedly while I'm breastfeeding. Good thing I'm cute, or she wouldn't put up with it!
-I love being outside! When we take Wriggie-doggie (that's what I call him) out to potty, I get strapped in a harness facing out. The wind feels so funny when it blows on my face, that I smile and kick my legs like crazy
-Another one of my favorite games is "Naked Baby." It's pretty self-explanatory!
-Small patterns, like the dots on the sofa, are so confusing! I try to pick them up, but they are stuck there! I also try to pull the pictures off of people's shirts but can't seem to grab them right
-I can hold onto a toy while I roll over
-Mommy no longer lets me sit in front of her on the counter while she is making my bottles. Something about taking things out of the basket and throwing them on the floor and kicking over full bottles of milk...
-I'm over the whole rocking me to sleep thing. Just put me down in the crib and I'll do it myself!
-I had my first RSV shot! Yikes! I weighed 14 pounds, 3 ounces on December 1st
-Mommy says plastic bags are a no-no, but they are just SO interesting!
-I've been working on using a sippy cup. I'd much rather pull on Daddy's glass of ice water, or Mommy's mug of tea though. I don't want to lose my bottles yet, so I keep an eye on them whereever they go. And I make sure to fuss if I see they are ready, but then we leave the room to get something Mommy forgot!
-"Drool Monster" is my new nickname
-It turns out that Mommy and Daddy aren't giving me a constant supply of new toys. I've figured out that when I drop a toy, it's not gone forever, but it's just on the floor! Amazing!
-I want to make sure that I am helping Mommy and Daddy whenever I can, so if they are holding something, then I want to hold it too

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  1. I know I tell you this all the time, Shay, but you write the best posts. I always laugh at your escapades!