Tuesday, December 20, 2011

@ 8 months...

-I can get my pacifier back in my mouth all by myself! It's also fun to chew on the tab on the other side, and then pull it out of my mouth really fast so it makes a popping sound...over...and over...and over again...
-Sometimes I'm allowed to sit in my Bumbo and join Mommy and Daddy at the table. I'm still trying to figure out why they aren't using bottles
-I'm practicing holding my own bottle, but it's still a little too heavy. When it's empty, I can put it in my own mouth, and bite it, and pull it out again. Refer to 'popping sound' above
-My reaching skills are getting better. I even grabbed a toy from Mommy because she was taking too long! And then I wanted to see what was in her bowl (it was ice cream and it was cold on my fingers!) and her cup (no milk, just water). I have to be careful what I grab though, since my body tells me as soon as I grab it, it needs to go straight into my mouth!
-When Mommy or Daddy hold my hands, I can pull myself from sitting to standing. I love standing, and prefer it over sitting!
-If I have to sit, I can do it for a pretty long time, as long as someone is holding my hips
-I love to study people's faces. They always comment on how serious I look. Something about a 'furrowed brow.' Whatever that is
-I haven't quite gotten this whole laughing business down. Mommy says its "making noises while smiling." I try to make "ha ha ha," but it comes out, "huh huh huh."

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