Tuesday, December 20, 2011

@ 9 months...

-All that talk about me having a doggy and I FINALLY found him! Apparently he has been here the whole time. He is so soft and fuzzy, that I just want to GRAB him! Mommy's hair is easier to grab though, since she doesn't run away!
-My hair is starting to grow back in! Horray!
-I can blow raspberries, both with my lips and my tongue. What fun!
-Mommy always asks me what I am so patiently waiting for. She thinks it's funny that I sit with my hands clasped in front of me all of the time. And to think that used to be a goal of mine! I do it now without even thinking about it
-After eating, I prefer to be burped while standing. Not Mommy or Daddy. But me. I like to stand while burping!
-I can sit up on my own for about an eighth of a second before falling over. Progress, people!
-If someone is holding me, I can pick toys up off of the floor in front of me
-Mommy and Daddy hung my tiger toy (my favorite) on the mobile on my swing. He flies around up there and then disappears for a second. When he comes back, I smile at him so he will stay, but he usually goes away again, so I frown. Then he comes back and I smile again. And then he goes away and I frown...
-I like to sleep on my side at night
-Mommy doesn't let me watch T.V., but I've figured out how to watch it anyhow...in the reflections on the glass cabinet doors and the fireplace!!
-I can't resist the word, "Hi!" and a big smile from someone! It just makes me smile back!
-I have FEET! Still trying to figure out how to get them in my mouth though. They move away as soon as I get close
-Still working on rolling from back to front
-If I kick both of my feet at the same time in my bassinet, I can make the animals on my swing dance!
-Toys are now things to bang against the floor, the table, the tray on my seats, and occasionally my own face
-I don't like to be tickled. It makes me cry
-Mommy is trained to come back into the room when I cry because I can't see her anymore
-That peek-a-boo game is kind of funny now that I understand what's going on!
-At my nine month check up, I weighed 13 pounds, 15 ounces, and was 24 3/4 inches long. The doctor doesn't use the preemie/adjusted growth charts anymore, which means my height and weight aren't even on the chart!


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  1. Shay, I know I've said it before, but you have such a way with words. I wonder if you'll grow up to be a journalist or even an author. Your posts always crack me up, but I wish you would write them more often.